The Canadian Mountain Podcast is now out!

Canadian Mountain Podcast logoI’m very happy to share that the Canadian Mountain Podcast is now online! The series, produced by the Canadian Mountain Network at the University of Alberta, looks at different research happening in and around different parts of the country that affect those living in mountainous areas.

One of my favourite episodes is the one recorded right here in Alberta: where I got the chance to head out to Canmore to talk about the return of bison to Banff National Park.

You can find the video version of the podcast here, or you can listen to the audio version of the series on Apple Podcasts.

More podcast goodness to add to your feed

Why yes, it’s ANOTHER podcasting project: this time, entirely written and produced by my second-year podcasting students at Mount Royal University’s journalism program!

#adulting: the podcast that grows up, one week at a time, covers everything from moving out of the house to dealing with stress to finding love online. In the first episode, out this week, two friends go on an adventure to find out if their childhood dream jobs still hold up in adulthood.

Find #adulting on Apple Podcasts or check out the series website here.

Everyday Bravery (and new podcast news!)

After months of work, I’m very excited to share my latest project with you!

Everyday Bravery is a podcast by Prudential that celebrates and salutes the unsung heroes-next-door who practice acts of bravery every day. I’m hosting the podcast, which is produced by the killer team at Pacific Content.

Wait — you ask. The podcast is BY Prudential? Don’t they do insurance?

Indeed, they do! This is my first foray into branded podcasting — where companies pay for a podcast associated with their brand. It’s new territory for me and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean all of the stories are about Prudential and we aren’t trying to sell you life insurance (directly, anyway!) The podcast is real stories about real people and challenges they’ve faced. It’s excellently produced and the stories are wonderful (and I can say that without bias, because this is the first time I’ve hosted a show without having a full producer role in it!)

You can check out the podcast, release bi-weekly, right here on Simplecast. Or on Apple Podcasts right here, if you prefer. And let me know what you think, I’d love to hear!