When one lives above the only post office in town…

Mark and Tejas at Iqaluit’s post office with their Amazon bounty.

… one tends to notice what people are coming and going with! And that’s what inspired my latest story for Spark on CBC Radio One. It’s all about how Iqalummiut are using Amazon Prime to offset the high costs of living in the North.

You can see some photos and listen to the story here.

It was a wonderful summer in Iqaluit, reading the news and doing some reporting for CBC Nunavut. But for now, I’m back in Calgary for a new year teaching at Mount Royal University and starting some new podcasting projects… updates soon!


History, Home Economics and Hot Cross Buns

This week, my radio documentary airs on CBC Radio One’s The Doc Project! The Science of Everyday Life is about the women of ATCO’s Blue Flame Kitchen — the only home service department still based out of a  North American utility company.

While the Kitchen is now the only one around, home service departments used to be the standard for many if not most companies, from department stores to utility providers. In this doc, I delve deep in to the history of the Blue Flame Kitchen’s 85 years of service and try to figure out how this one has survived — and what that means for the people who use it. Oh, and I eat a lot of delicious baked goods!

You can listen to The Science of Everyday Life here.